What to Wear

One of the most common questions when preparing for a photo shoot is, What to Wear?

For newborns I suggest the outfit they came in, that’s right the good ol birthday suit! Newborns look amazing curled up and undressed in shots. While very popular for bringing the baby home from the hospital, cute outfits are not suggested for this type of session. Clothing can be very distracting on newborns so I always recommend limiting their attire to the newborn wraps, hats, and accessories I have just for them. If you have something special or sentimental please bring that along and I will do my best to incorporate it.

Your attire for a maternity session is completely up to you. I have a selection of beautiful maternity gowns if you want something elegant or fun to show off your bump. Normal clothing is of course appropriate and I would suggest the same tips as those for any portrait session. The only exception for maternity sessions is please ensure you are wearing something to flatter and fit your tummy, flowing dresses and tops, with limited prints look great!

Portrait (Child, Family, etc)
Dressing for the family photo session can be stressful but don’t let it worry you. The most important tip is that the style is your own, otherwise your photos will not be reflective of you and your family. With that said there are some basic dos and donts that everyone can follow. Avoid putting your family in all black or all white and stay away from clothing with graphics or writing. Feel free to use different colors in your wardrobe. You may pick one shade as a main color for your families attire and incorporate that in different ways, a belt on one of the kiddos a scarf or pants for mom, etc. Prints are ok and are great to incorporate too. For a much better explanation, read this fantastic article with examples for What To Wear For Your Session!


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